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The following are selected publications and presentations on the technical and economical aspects of  the various technologies of the  cogeneration desalination fields. Some of these published papers  address  topics such as optimizing the power desalination relationship, means of maximizing the output of  water and or power,  cost allocations between power and desalination, improving facility efficiency,  flexibility and reliability, financial analysis, project privatization, and other related design, cost and economical analysis.

  1. "A  New Look at Cogeneration Systems For  Electricity and Desali­nated Water:   Economy  and  Design Features.”   Presented and Published  at  the National Water Supply Improvement Assn. (NWSIA) proceeding, Washington DC, 1981.

  2. "The Efficient Production of Desalinated Seawater  In  Steam  Turbine Based Cogeneration."  Presented and  Published at the International Desalination  Association proceeding, Manama, Bahrain Confer­ence, 1981.

  3. "Cogeneration Systems: Alternatives and Selection" Published  at the International Cogen Society, Los Angeles Conference, October, 1982.

  4. "Gas Turbine  Based Cogeneration: An Efficient Means of Utilizing Fuel at  66% Combined Cycle Efficiency."  Presented and Published in conference  proceeding of NWSIA, Hawaii Conference, July 1982.

  5. "Seawater Desalination from Biomass  & Refuse Fuels" Presented and Published at the International Desalination Ass., Madrid Conference, Spain, 1997.

  6. "Wood waste Fired Cogeneration Plants, A Future Source of Energy". Presented &  Published  at  the  International Cogeneration Society proceeding,  Houston Conference, October, 1983.

  7. "How to Improve the Economics and Efficiency of  Seawater Desalination Plants". Presented at the Los Angeles Power Association, March 2000.

  8. "Seawater Desalination Integration with Cogeneration Systems and Power Plants". Presented at the Los Angeles Power Producers Association, April 1991.

  9.  ICS, Cogeneration World Magazine, April 1982, titled "Cogeneration for Cheap Water."

  10. Desalination : California Perspective”  presented, at the meeting arranged by the law office of Milbank & Tweed For Project Finance, New York Office, June 1992.

  11. Desalination Plant Integration with Cogeneration  Systems for EOR/Commercial/Industrial Applications", published at NWSIA 1992 Biennial Conference on Desalting and  Recycling, August 1992.

  12. Simple Cycle and Combined Cycle Plants Integration with Seawater Desalination Plants: IEEE Conference  Presentation, Los Angeles, 1985.

  13. "The Concept of Desalination Plant Privatization, BOOT: Feasibility, Financial Approach, and Contract Structuring to Minimize Risk”. In progress, is being prepared for presentation and publication.

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